"Menda Rose is a pure throw-back to the era of style and musical decadence. Her Freak Baby track gets the cabaret party started with a slick track of piano brilliance. Another highlight on the 12 song Hammers and Bones is Near You, an upbeat song, super strong both lyrically and vocally. Ms. Moscar has achieved something unique with this avant-garde style; she's created a contemporary indie pop/jazz feel with an old school vibe." - A R Select, 2012 (West Hollywood, Ca)

"She busts through around and against cliches to achieve real humanism. She dodges the overly emotional thing that so many artists mistakenly iterate and captures the sensory impressions of a moment in time, an atmosphere, a feeling, a taste, and state of being." Eugenia Catroppa, Theatre.IV.Mimmo (Aug 27, 2011)

"...a standout for me personally."
jay Moon, Moon Vs the World (Aug 11, 2010)

"Menda Rose gave an intense performance."
- Lynn Peppas, The Tribune (Jul 28, 2005)

"Menda Rose steals the show by hardly saying a word."
Ted Shaw, The Windsor Star (Mar 08, 2003)