1. Freak Baby

From the recording Hammers and Bones

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© Copyright Amanda Rose Birchard, February 2006.


Hey freak baby - Meet me at the half way point
Freak baby - Together we can make us float
Freak baby - Wear your girdle on the outside
And paddle upstream to the deep freak ocean

Freak baby - Lemon just got in my eye
Freak baby - Together we can make us fly
Freak baby - Crawl into my satin sheets
And let me lick you like the sauce off my spring role

Hey freak baby - Careful not to miss the cracks
Freak baby - That’s where all the funk is at
Freak baby - Ride on the back of a fallen angel
Tell me baby, how looks the promised land

I saw my eyes
Behind the glass of yours
No words were spoken
But I can feel the hands of your mind
Rip me open
Open wide
Rip me open
Open wide
And how I needed it
How I needed it to last

Freak baby - You can’t keep looking back
Freak baby - You’ll find the world is flat
Freak baby - Holdin’ on to what you know will only land you alone
My my my, Freak baby