1. Orange Man

From the recording Hammers and Bones

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© Copyright Amanda Rose Birchard, March 2000.


You are my intrigue
My inspiration
My Orange aura
I hope I remain your mystery always
I can’t explain this weird connection
But you know I really do enjoy your company

You’ve got me thinking these crazy things and
You’ve got me watching the outside from a different inside
This is scaring me you know
This is scaring me you know

But I don’t mind ‘cause I know you’re walking that rope with me
And I know your eyes are wide
And I know you hide something big

How bad do I wanna know
How bad do I wanna know

So there’s talk and then there’s talk
And these mindless throw back laughs you manage to avoid
But you’re definitely a smoothie
Tell me are your stories real
They’re doing something crazy, crazy to my soul

Spread some of that orange around hot stuff
It’d be cool to swim around

More cool than I think you know (from me who’s feeling beautiful)
Sometimes I just forget
But you make me try hard to let you help me remember

Who’s to know when you’ll be real, I ask myself
Who’s to know when you’ll be real