1. Girl Standing

From the recording Hammers and Bones

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© Copyright Amanda Rose Birchard, April 2001.


A girl stands with her cheek against the wall
Her hands are bound behind her back
She carefully ponders this current situation
When the last bead of sweat drops to the floor
And she looks up to the sky wondering why her breath is unstable
When an unmistakable hand with an unmistakable voice turns her head ‘round
It says-

Go on, go on, go on, and face the crowd my lady
Go on, go on, bleed into their hands
Go on, go on, go on, and face the crowd my lady
Go on, go on, bleed into their hands

A girl stands in a favorable position
She’s got friends, hope, some dignity
She acknowledges that metaphors are the way to go
And she clings to the idea she’ll live spiritually
Though she questions all that she knows, until she explodes with frustration and anger
No matter what they say, you can’t go on each day avoiding a mirror

[under chorus]
Don’t avoid the mirror lady, love is there to lead you home
The face you fear will find you lady lest you try to carry on without the ‘you’
You’ll find a fight, a force, a fix, a crucifix-but don’t forget to feel the love.
Feel the love. Remember love.

Everyday that you wipe up your brow
And you don’t know how to go any further
I can see the light in your eye
When you remember why you began the trek in this direction

A girl stands with a heavy life
She’s left alone to carry her load
She smiles at the days when she was queen of the universe
And sheds a tear for mud that once was gold
she lays her tired head upon the tired ground
Her thoughts escape her
But even in the end she doesn’t try to pretend
She’s blind to what’s before her

Go on – go and face the crowd my lady
Go go and bleed into their -

Every - every day we’re on our way we’re on our way