From the recording Hammers and Bones

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© Copyright Amanda Rose Birchard, March 2008.


Music and lyrics by Amanda Moscar
Here Here Now Now

I I see see you going
Down down those stairs you’d rather
Fly fly across a raging sea

May may may-be next time you can
Ca-ca-rry your knife down with you
Hold high and think heroically

My man you hold your head up high
Look trouble right into the eye
Reckon those hands of yours are a force of nature

Hear hear that distant battle cry
Make-shift a posse by your side
Now now you let your demons lie
It’s now or never

Here Here - Now Now - Go Say
Here Here - Now Now - It won’t just go away
Here Here - Now Now - Go Say
Here Here - Now Now - Don’t wait another day

One one step lower you will
Know know the dark can wrap you
Up up and hold you like a new-found lover

Big big you stand among them
High high upon your glory
Look up and know that you are half way there



You gotta go go go and find a way - Up up the bigga stair-a-way
Put put that shame-a-shame away - Saya saya are not afraid

Bang bang the door ya bang away - No no ones gonna save your day
There there won’t ever be an end - ‘Till ya ‘till ya go bed-a-bed

Hey-ya hey hey-da ha (x3)
Hey hey hey hey hey hey-ya